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Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. Customer Review from Rosemarie N and Chris F of Edmonton Southwest, Alberta
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Rosemarie N and Chris F of Edmonton Southwest, Alberta purchased his used 2017 Chevrolet Equinox from Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. in Edmonton, AB. If you live in the Edmonton, AB area and are shopping for the best price on a used Chevrolet Equinox, please call Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. salesperson Mark Kobialka at +17806194435 for a free price quote. Mark Kobialka offers a low-pressure, easy buying experience to all customers, and can help you find a used Chevrolet Equinox at the lowest price possible.

Mark Kobialka
Mark Kobialka
Westgate Chevrolet Ltd.
Sales Associate
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Ph: +17806194435
About Mark Kobialka

Hello, My name is Mark Kobialka and I have done a great deal of sales in my years but find car sales to suit me the best. I had spent a little over a year at Westgate previously and went back to the golf industry. After spending a summer at the golf course I quickly learned the car industry is where I belong. I look forward to being able to talk to you and helping you in your decision for your next vehicle. See you soon! Mark

I sell a lot of Chevrolet Equinox vehicles, just like the one Rosemarie N and Chris F of Edmonton Southwest, Alberta bought from me. If you’re looking for a Chevrolet Equinox, look no further! We may have the perfect vehicle in-stock. And, if we don’t, we can probably find one for you! Call me today at +17806194435 and allow me to find your next Chevrolet Equinox!

Call Mark Kobialka at +17806194435 for low prices and excellent service!

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Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. Monthly News!

November is the perfect time of year to step into a new 2017 Chevrolet Equinox from Westgate Chevrolet Ltd.. With all the relatives eager to see the family, you want to a vehicle that can get you places so you can enjoy the Thanksgiving meal on time. Don't be the last person through the door and getting the wobbly chair at the table. Pick out the perfect 2017 Chevrolet Equinox from your Chevrolet dealer. And when the last of the turkey is gone from your plate, get the holiday list together for the Black Friday sales and drive off to get the best deals. You'll have plenty of space for all the items you buy as you'll be the first person in line when driving your new Chevrolet Equinox.

Don't waste another minute trying to figure out how you will be seeing all the relatives for the holiday season. Instead, stop and pick out your new 2017 Chevrolet Equinox while they are available. They won't last long in our showroom as everyone will want a safe, comfortable and reliable vehicle that will take them everywhere they will want to go during the month of November. You will love getting behind the wheel of this perfect Chevrolet vehicle today.

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